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You are Beautiful - Institut de Beauté à Paris 15 1.0
Jennifer Mendes
2 août, 2022, 1:01
Walked inside said good evening, and was greeted horribly by a rude women on the front desk. I proceeded to ask her if she can take off my gel acrylic nails she said no. Then I asked her again because it’s just drilling the nail it’s simple and quick. She starts speaking to someone else then immediately goes sorry we don’t other nail salon nail work I’m like ? First of all that’s so not true because if that’s the case then what’s the point of even having a nail salon ? My nails are literally broken it wouldn’t even have been that much work to take them off. If you have a such degrading manner like this lady did with me then DO NOT work in public services in America you would be fired immediately. It’s not even the fact that she couldn’t do my nails she was just plain rude and had no common curtsey. Treat people kindly with respect not with such impoliteness. Don’t even bother going inside they only speak Chinese in front of you and literally look at you like you have 10 heads. Not to mention the front desk lady had no idea If my current nails were done at their salon or NOT which means she simply didn’t want to take me point blank.

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